X-Factor Rifle

The X-Factor rifle is StylePlus' exclusive environmentally friendly rifle. Fully adjustable with our patent pending weight system and constructed of molded polyethylene polymer this rifle is virtually unbreakable.
  • Easy to adjust the weight to your personal preference without changing the balance point of your rifle.
  • Rifle weights come in 7 different increments so you can work your way up slowly or more to your specific weight of choice. Simply add our adjustable weights that are hidden inside your rifle.
  • The X-Factor is so unique we even offer a 36" Lite version at 1.75lbs, this lighter model of the X-Factor is perfect for teaching younger students and members.
  • Patented weight system maintains the same balance point even when moving between different weight increments.
  • 100% recyclable including the leather strap.
  • Maintenance free.
  • W/Strap 36" (XFACT36)........$58.95
  • W/Strap 39" (XFACT39)........$62.25
  • W/O Strap 36" (XFACT36NS).........$56.95
  • W/O Strap 39" (XFACT39NS).........$58.95
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